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Juvo and NCS streamlines your
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Juvo & NCS- Your Key for Success..

With Juvo and National Crime Search (NCS), you can market to local job seekers (and customers!), find the right talent for your business, and screen chosen hires, all in the same place!

Spend less time worrying about hiring and more time focused on growing your business with NCS and Juvo.

Tired of service hopping to hire just one person?

By using Juvo and NCS, you eliminate going from website to website, just to hire one individual. Save time and lots of money by keeping it all in the same place.


Our user friendly app makes hiring
and screening a breeze.


Your jobs are 'pushed' to Juvo seekers, promoting your business to customers & future employees.

Choose from Juvo's Network of 8+ million job seekers that can easily 'connect' with you & your business.


View short video intros that showcase seeker personalities & stop wasting time sorting through resumes.

When you're ready, chat with them in the app to learn more & hire.


NCS is integrated into the Juvo app, making it a breeze to run criminal history searches, drug screening, education & employment verifications, & more!

Choose from Juvo's Network of 8+ million job seekers that can easily 'connect' with you & your business.

Shyft's Exclusive Partnership

Shyft's partnership provides you with exclusive benefits and discounted offers

  • Heavily discounted rates on criminal history searches, drug screening, education/employment verification, and more.
  • 24/7 Awareness of your business to get noticed in your local neighborhood
  • Access to connect, chat, hire and screen job seekers in one centralized location.

By streamlining your processes, you're getting the best of the best.

  • Access to a local network of job seekers to increase retention rates
  • Top notch employment screening, criminal history searches, and background check solutions
  • Live customer support during business hours with a focus on helping and caring for client needs
  • Localized marketing efforts to advertise your business to nearby potential customers
  • Save time by viewing job seeker personalities via video and ditch sorting through useless resumes
  • Cut down on costs by streamlining your screening and hiring efforts on one digital platform